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Note: There is no Gurudwara in place at the moment in Aberdeen, as we are still looking for a place. However weekly Kirtan darbar and Gurmat Classes takes place at the Sangat house. Please call the numbers under the contact list to get more information. Thank You

About Us

Welcome to the new website of the Sikh Sangat of Aberdeen. The sikh sangat in Aberdeen is growing rapidly from a few individuals back in the 1970’s to where there are now more settled families, professionals and students from within the UK and India making home in this vibrant yet tranquil seaside city in Scotland, also known as the ‘Oil capital of Europe’ and the ‘Granite City’ for its unique architecture.

Until now the sikh sangat has bonded together holding Diwan, Kirtan and Akhand Paths at individual residences including the most welcome presence and support of sangat from UK wide Gurudwaras. We are now outgrowing this mode of congregation with HIS blessings!

Mission statement

The dedicated sikh sangat in Aberdeen thrives on welcoming and supporting individuals and families new to Aberdeen, and the time has now come to open a Gurudwara for this young dedicated sangat of Aberdeen and for all to visit from anywhere in the UK and world beyond.

Gurudwara Dhan Dhan Baba Deep Singh Ji Shaheed, Aberdeen will be a modern, peaceful and tranquil place of worship welcoming all, to worship, grow spiritually, connect as a community and to serve the wider community of Aberdeen as we as sikhs know is done in all Gurudwaras here in the UK and worldwide.

So please show your support and join with us in this exciting next step for the sikh sangat Aberdeen.
Daily Hukamnama

Current Events:

Akhand Path

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